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Why use HeroForm instead of Typeform?
No hate on Typeform - they’ve popularized the multi-page form model for the whole web, which definitely improved the form-filling UX for everyone. But over time, they stopped innovating. Their forms are now bloated and loads super slow, leading to bad UX and lower response rates. Not to mention their super-pricey model and lack of a basic free tier for those who can’t afford to pay. Enter HeroForm. We have a clear product vision: allow folks to build multi-page forms for free and collect responses wherever they want. We’re a bunch of indie-hackers who just love building useful products. That’s why we have optimized our forms so they have a great UX, loads ultra-fast (near 100 lighthouse score), plus what you get for free in HeroForm costs you a whooping 100$ in Typeform - while the features & experience are much superior in HeroForm. And when you do pay, it’s less than a cup of coffee a month and we use the money to maintain server costs and further the open-source project ^^
Why not use other form alternatives?
We’ve been where you are - trying to find a good solution for collecting responses from people, with good UX, and doesn’t break the bank. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a holistic solution that works for everyone, but also offers a very generous free tier. So we built it. And you can use it for free.
Can I use this under my own domain?
Of course, you can! We offer you 2 ways for this: 1. The Embed: You can get our embed code from the settings and put it in your own web app. You can also set a custom redirect URL in the form settings so whenever a user submits the form, they get redirected to whatever page you want to redirect to. Tip from us: if you make the embed take up the full width and height of your page, you can make it seem like the HeroForm form is just as similar to the other pages on your page. 2. Adding a domain in HeroForm: You can add your own domain (or subdomain) to HeroForm in the settings - and then you will have to make the required changes in your domain’s DNS settings. However, this feature is under development and might take some time to be ready. Feel free to send us an email so we can prioritize this up top! ^^
Can I self-host this?
Of course, you can! The whole codebase is fully available on GitHub in a public repo so you can self-host on your own infra anytime you want. Having said that, we don’t recommend this - because when you do self-host, you’ll have to maintain the servers all by yourself and when we do push new changes every other day, you’ll have to manually get them in your infra as well. Also, by not self-hosting, you contribute to our open-source efforts and also improve the overall experience of all the other users!
Is there an API that I can use?
Oh for sure! You can go into the form settings to add your own webhook URL. So anytime a form is submitted, we send all the data over to the webhook. Also, if you’re using HeroForm in your own domain by embedding it, you can add your own query parameters and we’ll pass them over when we send the data to the webhook URL. Why would you ever want that you ask? Well, imagine a scenario where you’re using a HeroForm form in your app, would you not want to identify which user submitted the form? You can just pass in a user ID as a query parameter and we’ll send it over to the webhook URL on each submission so you’ll be able to identify the users. In other words, this allows you to never have to build a form yourself even for the web apps. How cheeky is that? ^^
Is there any hidden pricing?
There are none! We don’t give you any surprise bills, really. We just love building useful products and we are not greedy for money. That’s why our free tier has been intentionally made quite generous so everyone can use this regardless of their financial ability ^^ and when you do upgrade, it’s a flat fee per month that never breaks the bank.


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Andrew Cen

Full-stack Developer, OSS enthusiast and self-proclaimed singer 😜 pushing features and fixing bugs like a pro.

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Nafis Fuad

Product Engineer, part-time indie maker and full-time nerd 🤓 who just wants to make cheeky forms for the web.

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Taseen Tanvir

Product Designer, Frontend Dev, and UI wizard making HeroForm prettier and cooler for everyone.

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